Picture Books

Gay & Lesbian History for Kids: The Century-Long Struggle for LGBT Rights by Jerome Pohlen

This book is a wealth of resources. It includes a range of LGBTQIA+ issues and community members. It is organized in chapters that cover different time periods and movements. Within each chapter there are activities connected to that chapter. This book ends with a chapter called, "Things Get Better." This chapter ends with a note about further issues and work to be done for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution. by Rob Sanders

This is a great picture book about the history of the Stonewall Inn and Greenwich Village. It shares the story of the series of the police raids in the late 1960s prior to the infamous raid in the early-morning hours of June 18, 1969. It continues with Gay Liberation Day 1970 and the continuing fight for rights now. It includes some actual photos, a glossary, a list of resources, and an interview with Martin Boyce. It's a great introductory text and the illustrations are beautiful.

Pride: Celebrating Diversity & Community by Robin Stevenson

This book another books that provides an overview of the history of Pride. It begins before Stonewall and continues through current issues. It has gorgeous photos and accessible content. One chapter of the book de-centers the American experience of Pride with sections on Pride in other countries. It also includes a glossary and additional resources. 

Sewing the Rainbow by Gayle E. Pitman

This book is a sweet narrative about Gilbert Baker's life that begins with his childhood in Kansas and continues through his life in San Francisco. Then it details the creation of the Pride flag. It includes a "Reader Note" section at the back with a wealth of information that would be perfect for middle school students. 

Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag by Rob Sanders

This book, like Sewing the Rainbow, tells the story of the creation of the Pride flag. However, this book focuses on Harvey Milk's story. It includes a biographical timeline of Harvey Milk's life and a timeline of the Pride flag. It also includes links to other resources, including books, websites, and podcasts.